Final Recycle Cart Collection by Champions Industries

Champions Industries will make a final pass through our District to pick up recycle carts remaining with some of our residents.

The collection effort will take place this Friday (8/25) and Saturday (8/26).

During Friday’s normal recycle pickup, Best Trash will empty any accessible Champions recycle carts and leave them curbside for Champions Industries to pick-up.

For those who have Champions carts behind a gate or in their garage, please place your carts (preferably empty) curbside by 7 am Friday.

Best Trash is the New Trash Collection Provider

Best Trash

19430 FM 1093 Road, Richmond, Texas 77407
(281) 313-2378

Trash/Bulk/Green Items Collected Tuesday and Friday
Recycle Collected Once a Week on Friday

Best Trash will be distributing new recycle carts to our residents on Wednesday 8/16/23. We expect Champions Industries to remove their recycle carts out of our District by 8/18/23.

Best Trash provides backdoor/garage door trash and recycle collection. Residents should not pull their trash and recycle containers to the middle of their driveway or curbside. If the resident chooses to do so, Best Trash will return the emptied containers to the locations where they were originally found. Best Trash personel will not go behind any gates or fences to collect items.

Trash Collection Guidelines (PDF)

Garbage Collection Service Guidelines
Please have trash and recyclables out by 7:00 a.m.

Best Trash will provide garage door service for your household garbage only, which is limited to the kitchen and the bathroom trash. Trash bags or containers must be accessible and visible near your back door or garage.

Best Trash will service resident supplied trash cans or bags between 30-50 gallons in size.

Use of bulky trash cans over 50++ gallons in size (too heavy to lift) are prohibited and will not be collected due to physical constraints of the truck crew members.

Bulk and Yard Debris

Trash such as yard debris, garage cleanout, freezer cleanout and other misc. items must be placed at the curb for collection. Tree branches cannot exceed 4 inches in diameter and not longer than 4 feet and tied and bundled not heavier than 40 lbs. No construction debris!

Recycleable Items

Best Trash will provide garage door service for your recyclables. Everything must be placed inside the 48-gallon green recycle cart-contents to recycle cart only. If it can’t fit inside the recycle cart, please leave your items in a clear plastic bag at the curb.

If you have cardboard that can’t fit inside the recycle cart, please flatten, and leave curbside.

PAPER (including cardboard), PLASTICS (1-5,7), ALUMINUM and TIN cans and GLASS (all colors)

Best Trash takes great pride in our recycle program. Ensuring the best recycle program for our customers takes time and effort on both sides.

  • Recycling day is Friday.
  • Please remove caps, liquids and food products from inside the containers.
  • Please only use the provided recycle cart for recyclable materials. The green cart is NOT an extra trash container and will NOT be emptied as such. If items exceed container capacity, please place them adjacent to the cart well marked as recyclable materials.
  • Cardboard is recyclable, please break down all boxes flat, and place them next to the recycle bin for collection.

Important Notice from Cypress-Forest PUD Board of Directors

As of 5:02 pm 8/3/23, our trash provider, Champions Industries notified the Cypress Forest PUD that it will immediately stop performing trash and recycle services in our district. Best Trash is now under contract to collect all trash and recycle products beginning today (8/4/23). Due to these extraordinary circumstances, recycled products will likely be collected with the standard trash today. We expect this to be a one-time only event.

For the next few weeks, we will transition the removal of Champions Industries recycle carts with new recycle carts provided by Best Trash. The service routine in our District by Best Trash will remain the same, Tuesday and Friday for standard trash collection and Friday for recycling. The good news is, twice a week heavy trash is back, and glass can be included with the recycling.

We are excited to begin this new relationship with Best Trash, as they come with an impeccable reputation for customer service.

If you have any questions, please contact Best Trash at 281-313-2378 or

New Recycle Carts

New recycle carts are currently being distributed in the Cypress Forest PUD by Champions Industries. The effort should take up to a week to complete. Going forward please follow the recycling guidelines provided on the PUD website. Please do not place any trash, green or construction debris in the carts. In addition, glass/glass containers should not be placed in your cart because it’s no longer accepted by recycling facilities that Champions Industries delivers to.

Thank you for your patience on this matter. If your have any questions, please contact Champions Industries at 281-537-1960.

Recycle Cart Replacement in the Cypress Forest PUD (Reminder)

Texas Pride Disposal will continue their recycle cart pick up this Friday, the 5th of May. If you still have a Texas Pride recycle cart please be sure to leave it out and visible this Friday for collection.

Champions Industries will collect recyclables this Friday as well, but it must be placed in clear plastic bags and visible for pickup. Large cardboard boxes should be broken down and stacked neatly beside the bags. Recyclables MUST be clean and dry and meet the guidelines in order to be collected as recyclables and not trash. (See our website for guidelines.)

This operation will continue for up to two weeks until Champions Industries completes the delivery of new recycle carts in our District.  We apologize for the inconvenience. If you have any questions, please contact Champions Industries at or 281-587-1960.

Recycle Cart Replacement in the Cypress Forest PUD

The Cypress Forest PUD is in the process of replacing the residential recycle carts owned by Texas Pride Disposal to brand new recycle carts to be provided by Champions Industries. Texas Pride is currently in the District collecting their carts. As they pick up the carts, any carts containing recycled material will be dumped into your garbage container. Champions will follow and empty your garbage containers during the weekly garbage collections. We anticipate it will take Champions up to two weeks to perform the recycle cart replacement. During this time, you have the choice to mix your recyclables with your garbage OR place your clean recyclables in clear trash bags for collection later after Champions delivers the new carts to our neighborhoods.

This is the final task required for transferring garbage and recycle collection from Texas Pride Disposal to Champions Industries.  We apologize for the inconvenience. If you have any questions, please contact Champions Industries at or 281-587-1960.

Updated: Introducing New Trash Service

Dear neighbors in the Cypress Forest PUD service area, Champions Industries will resume normal Friday recycle collection service on 2/3/23.

Collection days will be Tuesday & Friday — please have waste ready for collection by 6:30 a.m.

“We Sell Service”

The motto of Champions Industries is that they sell service, that service is waste collection.

Our main goal is customer satisfaction. We believe in doing the task right the first time. If we ever fall short of your expectations please give our office a call (no automated service – you actually get to talk to someone) and let us know. We work hard to ensure your service is the best out there.

Customer Service: (281) 587-1960

Here in Champion Forest, we are fortunate to have back door collection of our trash and recyclables; this helps keep our subdivision clean and orderly.

Please have your waste ready for collection by 6:30 a.m.

Do not pull your waste or recycling cans to the curb, they should be left at your back gate or near your garage and screened from view except on collection days.

Waste should not be curbside or backdoor visible any earlier than the evening before pick up.

Waste (Back Door Visible): Tuesdays and Fridays

Yard/Green Waste (At the Curb): Tuesdays and Fridays

Bulk Waste (At the Curb, Call for Guidelines): Tuesdays and Fridays

 ♺ Household Recycling: Fridays

Yard/Green Waste Guidelines:

  • Yard waste should be placed curbside.
  • Yard waste includes leaves, grass clippings, and vegetative matter.
  • Yard waste must be placed at the curb in sturdy plastic bags or securely tied bundles.
  • Each bag must not weigh more than 40 pounds.
  • All branches and tree trimmings are restricted to a maximum diameter of three (3) inches per branch, must not exceed more than 40 pounds per bundle and be no longer than four (4) feet in length.
  • A maximum total of six (6) bags or tied bundles will be collected per service day.

Full trash and recycling guidelines to come.

Champion’s Industries Will Pick Up Household Trash and Recycle Saturday, January 14th.

Texas Pride did not finish trash/recycle collection in portions of the District today. Therefore, Champions Industries will be finishing those areas of the District starting tomorrow morning (1/14/23).

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we continue to respond to Texas Pride’s poor performance; as we progress through the final month of their contract serving our District (January 31, 2023).

Champion’s Industries Will Pick Up Household Trash and Recycle Wednesday, January 11th.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, January 11th, Champion’s Industries will pick up household trash and recycle.

Texas Pride is supposed to service us on our normal schedule of Tuesdays (household only) and Fridays (household and recycling). Due to poor service and a huge backlog of needed waste/recycle collections across the district, Champion’s Industries will provide supplemental service.

All waste, be it household waste, recycling and green debris, will be disposed of as waste by Champion’s during this supplemental service period.

Regular services days continue to be by Texas Pride on Tuesdays and Fridays until the end of the month.

Recycling Update

Due to the high holiday trash and recycle volume, Texas Pride Disposal will complete recycle collection in the Cypress Forest PUD on Saturday, 12/31/22.