Weather Alert

Cypress Forest PUD’s Operator EDP (Environmental Development Partners) is gearing up for what could be a prolonged hard freeze. If it gets as cold for as long as what is currently forecasted (Sunday / Monday /Tuesday time frame), we expect widespread customer frozen pipes and pipe breaks when it begins to warm. This could result in numerous service calls for no water and broken pipes. Their resources will be stretched. Therefore, we ask or residents to prepare your homes and protect outdoor faucets, hose bibs and irrigation systems exposed directly to the cold. Check your favorite weather sites. EDP follows for weather forecasts.

Covid-19 Announcement – North Houston


WCA Waste provides an essential service to our customers and the community, and we remain focused on prioritizing essential collection and disposal services. We will continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation and will update our dedicated webpage as new information becomes available. This includes continuing to work closely with public health experts and other advisors, as well as following guidance from the CDC and adhering to OSHA guidelines regarding the safe handling of waste and recycling. Please check back often.

Curbside Services

  • Curbside service will resume back to your normal scheduled service day(s).

Back Door Services

  • Effective, June 15, 2020
  • WCA will resume collection for backdoor routes.

Bulk Services

  • Collection will be limited to (2) bulk/yard waste items.

Recycle Services

  • Effective, June 15, 2020
  • WCA will resume recycle collection service.

As a reminder, due to COVID-19, please make sure all your trash/refuse is bagged and sealed, and wherever possible, placed in containers. Loose items will not be collected.

Should WCA Waste experience any unexpected delays or cancellations that will inhibit operations, customers will be notified accordingly.

Our teams remain committed to you throughout this crisis. We appreciate your business and wish you all the best during this difficult time. Please check with your local municipality to confirm if your service is impacted, visit our dedicated webpage or watch for updates via email.

Please take care and be safe.

Thank you,

WCA North Houston Hauling Management

Temporary Closure of Walking / Bike Path

Cypress Forest Public Utility District will temporarily close the walking/bike path under the Champion Forest Bridge as Harris County Engineers will reconstruct the water outfall from Champion Forest Drive to Cypress Creek. It is expected the construction will begin January 6 and last 6 to 8 weeks weather permitting.

Countywide General Acquisition

Findings and Declarations

WHEREAS, Commissioners Court of Harris County, Texas, has received and reviewed the survey(s) of property to be acquired for the public project known as Countywide General Acquisition 21 OO-OO-OO-R008, UPIN 20090021 ROOS, in Harris County, Texas (referred to herein as “the Project”), and the Harris County Real Property Division on behalf of the Harris County Flood Control District is authorized to acquire 15 tracts.

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Rehabilitation Project of Sanitary Sewer Lines in Champion Forest Sections 1 and 2

Dear Champion Forest Resident:

Horseshoe Construction has been awarded a contract by the Cypress Forest Public Utility District (PUD) to complete a rehabilitation project of the sanitary sewer lines in Champion Forest Sections 1 and 2. Televising of the pipes and the rehab activity will begin on or after October 1, and is scheduled to be completed by the end of February 2019.

The purpose of the project is to upgrade the old sanitary sewer lines throughout the neighborhood, in an effort by the PUD to maintain the integrity of the service to all residents.

The proposed work will involve, at different times, the following tasks:

1. Video Taping of the Project Site (streets, front and back yards)
2. Cleaning and Televising of the Sanitary Sewers and Manholes
3. Rehabilitation & Testing of Sanitary Sewers and Manholes
4. Restoration of the areas disturbed by the construction activity

The work will require construction personnel to enter the front and back yards at various times, so they can gain access to the easements where the sanitary sewer pipes and manholes are found. The workers from Horseshoe Construction will conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times. We pledge to complete the work assigned to us by the PUD as quickly as possible, and would appreciate your help and cooperation. If you are aware of disabled persons or shut-ins who might require special attention during this period, please advise us, and we will make all necessary provisions to accommodate the residents with these special conditions. We would also like to kindly request that all pets be secured while we are working in the area.

Although the bulk of the work will take place within the utility easement (found in most back yards), access to these easements might require our personnel to be on your property outside of the utility easement. In the event that the construction activity causes any damage to your property, Horseshoe Construction will return your property to its original condition, as obligated by its contract with the PUD.

If you have any questions, please contact Horseshoe Construction’s field superintendent, Mr. Bill Johnson at (281) 507-7614, or the project manager, Mr. Taylor Jones at (281) 415-8654.
On behalf of the Cypress Forest Public Utility District, we thank you for your patience and understanding during this project.

Horseshoe Construction, Inc.

The following documents contain a letter sent to property owners within the proposed work area and maps that show the areas to be worked on.