Recycle Cart Replacement in the Cypress Forest PUD

The Cypress Forest PUD is in the process of replacing the residential recycle carts owned by Texas Pride Disposal to brand new recycle carts to be provided by Champions Industries. Texas Pride is currently in the District collecting their carts. As they pick up the carts, any carts containing recycled material will be dumped into your garbage container. Champions will follow and empty your garbage containers during the weekly garbage collections. We anticipate it will take Champions up to two weeks to perform the recycle cart replacement. During this time, you have the choice to mix your recyclables with your garbage OR place your clean recyclables in clear trash bags for collection later after Champions delivers the new carts to our neighborhoods.

This is the final task required for transferring garbage and recycle collection from Texas Pride Disposal to Champions Industries.  We apologize for the inconvenience. If you have any questions, please contact Champions Industries at or 281-587-1960.