Cypress Forest Park

The Gift of Trees

Champion Forest and Cypress Forest Park are about to help Mother Nature by planting 175 new trees to enhance the landscape. In November we will receive the free trees that are coming from a grant from Trees for Houston. Trees for Houston is giving us the trees as part of our beautification and recovery from the two year drought that depleted our tree population. We will be adding a variety of Oaks and Pines to the park and Naches Crepe Myrtles and Redbuds to the esplanades. The PUD has gone to great lengths to make this addition to the park possible. They have re-irrigated the property and designated special areas for tree donations. Bella Terra Care has been awarded the contract to plant the trees both for the PUD and for the CF Fund/HOA. We are also providing an Eagle Scout and our neighborhood Girl Scouts an opportunity to help with some special projects that go with this planting event. The door is open for Champion Forest residents to get involved with this and other beautification projects. Come to the park or drive Champion Forest and Cypresswood to see our plan come to fruition.