Raveneaux Demolition Begins September 14th, 2021

The demolition will prevent any additional vandalism and unlawful entry onsite. For safety reasons, the Flood Control District asks that the public stay away from the demolition site. Cherry Construction, a demolition contractor for the Flood Control District, expect to demolish the building in five days and up to three months to haul away and finish the project, which includes removing the parking lot and the pool maintenance building. The Swimming Pool, Tennis Courts and Equipment Barn will remain, and of course, our Water Plant with its access road will remain.

The demolition will be completed using standard construction equipment, including excavators, loaders and bulldozers. There will be noise and dust. All material will be hauled off using the property most western entrance on Cypresswood Drive. The trucks will then head westward toward Cutten Road to avoid most of the subdivision’s homes. The PUD will inform you about work hours when they are made available to us, but it’s possible that Saturdays will be on the schedule.

In January 2020, the Flood Control District purchased 27.6 acres of land, while Cypress Forest PUD retains 258. Negotiations continue to exchange land between us, so we can improve the ambience and the quality of life for our community that you supported when we originally purchased the land in 2011, as well as reduce flooding in the area. Your PUD Board thinks this is the first step of reinvigorating the neighborhood.

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Raveneaux Club House Demolition

The Harris County Flood Control District (HCFCD) acquired “the 27 acres” from the Raveneaux CC owners last year. That property includes the club house, parking lots, swimming pool, tennis courts, driving range, etc. The PUD continues to negotiate with HCFCD for a possible land swap, and there are ongoing discussions with a potential new golf operator. All of these discussions have led to the conclusion that there is no interest in or future potential with the current large club house or parking lot. Consequently, HCFCD is proceeding with plans to remove the club house and the parking lot. Note that the swimming pool and tennis courts will not be removed.

HCFCD has engaged Cherry Demolition Services as their contractor for this demolition. They have started to move equipment to the site and are performing a variety of salvage and utility preparation procedures. HCFCD is also working with state and county agencies to obtain the necessary approvals. HCFCD states that “There is no scheduled date for demolition at this time due to outstanding items and coordination that need to occur first. Once all outstanding items have been completed and all coordination has occurred, then a new 10-day notice with the State will occur and thus a demolition date will be identified.” HCFCD estimates that once they get started it will take five days to get the main building down and two to three months for a finished product.

The PUD will provide an update once a demolition start date has been identified.

Weather Alert

Cypress Forest PUD’s Operator EDP (Environmental Development Partners) is gearing up for what could be a prolonged hard freeze. If it gets as cold for as long as what is currently forecasted (Sunday / Monday /Tuesday time frame), we expect widespread customer frozen pipes and pipe breaks when it begins to warm. This could result in numerous service calls for no water and broken pipes. Their resources will be stretched. Therefore, we ask or residents to prepare your homes and protect outdoor faucets, hose bibs and irrigation systems exposed directly to the cold. Check your favorite weather sites. EDP follows https://spacecityweather.com/ for weather forecasts.

Board Rejects Latest Draft Term Sheet From HCFCD

On December 10th, 2020, Tom Petrick received a DRAFT term sheet for a proposed transaction between Cypress Forest PUD (the “PUD”) and the Harris County Flood Control District (“HCFCD”) from HCFCD. HCFCD proposed to convey the 27 acres that it acquired from the Raveneaux CC owners to the PUD in exchange for approximately 140 acres owned by the PUD. The proposed 140 acres includes approximately 35 acres east of Champion Forest Drive and approximately 105 acres along Cypress Creek west of Champion Forest Drive. The CFPUD Board rejected the DRAFT term sheet at its January 5th, 2020 meeting and authorized its committee of Tom Petrick and David Normand to meet with interested golf groups to discuss considerations of potential golf operations within terms of any land exchange agreement with HCFCD. The CFPUD Board expects to continue discussions with HCFCD on a potential land exchange after taking feedback from the potential golf operators.

Holiday Schedule for Trash, Waste, and Recycling Collection Services

Please note: during each of the holiday weeks, there will be only one collection day for household trash, green yard waste, and bulk waste: Tuesday, December 22nd and Tuesday, December 29th. No recycling will be collected on these dates.

Texas Pride observes two (2) holidays each year. Following is the upcoming holiday schedule:

  • Christmas Day, Friday, December 25, 2020; and
  • New Year’s Day, Friday, January 1, 2021.

No household trash, bulk waste, green yard waste, or recycling will be collected on the holidays.

Please remember to always keep the curbsides free of all green yard waste and bulk waste on days that are not scheduled collection days. Thank you!

CFPUD – Trash and Recycling Update

Texas Pride Disposal completed the delivery of their new recycle carts to the CFPUD residents on Sunday, July 12. They provided backdoor trash service on Tuesday, July 14, and will provide backdoor trash and recycle service on Friday. Contact their Customer Service group if there are any issues with not receiving a cart, etc. – or if there are any start-up questions or issues. They can be reached via their website (www.texaspridedisposal.com/CFPUD or service@texaspridedisposal.com), or at (281) 342-8178.

WCA has completed the picked-up their recycle carts. Most of the carts have been removed, but there are a few carts remaining at some homes. WCA informed us Monday night that they are not returning to pick-up any carts that may have been missed. If you want those carts (Royal and WCA) removed, contact Texas Pride Disposal Customer Service and they will assist you.

The lid on the new recycle cart says to place it curbside. That does not apply to our district. We have contracted for backdoor service and Texas Pride will collect recycle (and household trash) backdoor. They do want it visible from the curb so their crews can easily find it.