Raveneaux Club House Demolition

The Harris County Flood Control District (HCFCD) acquired “the 27 acres” from the Raveneaux CC owners last year. That property includes the club house, parking lots, swimming pool, tennis courts, driving range, etc. The PUD continues to negotiate with HCFCD for a possible land swap, and there are ongoing discussions with a potential new golf operator. All of these discussions have led to the conclusion that there is no interest in or future potential with the current large club house or parking lot. Consequently, HCFCD is proceeding with plans to remove the club house and the parking lot. Note that the swimming pool and tennis courts will not be removed.

HCFCD has engaged Cherry Demolition Services as their contractor for this demolition. They have started to move equipment to the site and are performing a variety of salvage and utility preparation procedures. HCFCD is also working with state and county agencies to obtain the necessary approvals. HCFCD states that “There is no scheduled date for demolition at this time due to outstanding items and coordination that need to occur first. Once all outstanding items have been completed and all coordination has occurred, then a new 10-day notice with the State will occur and thus a demolition date will be identified.” HCFCD estimates that once they get started it will take five days to get the main building down and two to three months for a finished product.

The PUD will provide an update once a demolition start date has been identified.