On May 13, 1971, Cypress Forest Public Utility District (the “District”) was created by Acts of the 62nd Texas Legislature, Regular Session, effective May 13, 1971, pursuant to Art. XVI, Section 59 of the Texas Constitution and in accordance with the Texas Water Code, Chapter 54. The Board of Directors held it first meeting on April 1, 1976, and the first bonds were sold on June 7, 1977. The District operates under Chapters 49 and 54 of the Texas Water Code and is subject to the continuing supervision of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, formerly known as the Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission. The principal functions of the District are to finance, construct, own, and operate waterworks, wastewater, and drainage facilities and to provide such facilities and services to the customers of the District.

The District owns and operates a water supply and distribution system, wastewater collection system, and storm water drainage facilities serving single-family residential and commercial development within the District, as well as providing service for purposes such as public irrigation. The District includes:

  • Champion Forest, Sections One through Twelve
  • Estates at Windrush, Sections One through Three
  • Champions Cove, Section One
  • Champions Villas, Section One
  • Stonegate Court, Section One
  • Sterling Gate Estates, Section One

The District owned facilities include two water wells, an elevated water storage tank, two ground storage tanks, booster pumps, a hydro-pneumatic tank, auxiliary diesel power and related water/wastewater lines and piping.

On April 9, 1992, the District entered into a 40-year agreement with Cy-Champ Public Utility District, Harris County Water Control and Improvement District No. 114, Kleinwood Municipal Utility District, Louetta North Public Utility District, and Klein Independent School District to form the Kleinwood Joint Powers Board. Under the terms of the agreement, each district owns an individual interest in the Kleinwood Regional Sewage Treatment Plant, and the Joint Powers Board is the sole party authorized to act on behalf of the districts. The Joint Powers Board is composed of members of the Board of Directors of the participating districts.

R. Jack Cagle, Commissioner, Harris County Precinct 4: As another hurricane season rushes by, I want you to know that Harris County and the Harris County Flood Control District (HCFCD) continue to press ahead with dozens of flood mitigation projects throughout the county and here in Precinct 4. For information on flood control district projects in your area, please go to www.hcfcd.org./Activity/Active-Projects/Cypress-Creek. These projects and others proposed by the engineers at the HCFCD comprise just a part of the effort needed to reduce the risk of more catastrophic flooding like we have experienced with recent storms.

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