Collection of Bagged Vegetative Storm Debris

Best Trash will be in the neighborhoods of the PUD collecting BAGGED vegetative/green storm debris. This effort is in addition to our regular Tuesday-Friday collection schedule. The bagged vegetative debris must be placed curbside and cannot be combined with household garbage or construction debris. Bags mixed with trash will not be picked up. The effort is expected to take approximately one week.

Best Trash will not be collecting any piles of loose tree debris. Collection of that debris is ongoing by Harris County Precinct 3. We expect their crews to enter our neighborhoods soon. We thank you for your patience!

Debris Removal Tips

Do you have questions about debris collection? We’ve got answers! Here are some quick tips to get your debris cleared efficiently:

  • Sorting is key! For efficient debris removal, follow the debris separation guide below. The precinct will pick up vegetative, construction, and demolition debris, including fences.
  • Team up with your neighbors. The bigger the pile, the faster the pickup. Piling debris together reduces collection stops.
  • City residents should call 311 for more information regarding debris removal operations.

Did you bag your debris? No worries!

  • We will pick up clear bags of debris.
  • If you used black bags for your debris, simply remove the contents and place them loose at the curb for collection. Remember, black-bagged debris won’t be collected with disaster debris.
  • Alternatively, set the black bags aside for regular trash pickup. Check with your HOA and trash company to verify accepted materials and bag limits.

Remember, crews are making at least three passes through your area, so don’t fret if they miss you at first!

White goods, electronics, and appliances will require proof of registered storm damage for pickup.

Debris Drop-Off Sites Available to Harris County Residents

Precinct 3 has opened five debris drop-off sites for those affected by Hurricane Beryl. These sites are just another option for residents looking to discard their vegetative, construction, and demolition debris free of charge. Crews will still make multiple passes within residential areas to pick up debris.

Drop-off site details below:

  • Hours: 7 a.m. – 7 p.m. daily

Debris Type Accepted:

  • Vegetative (Leaves in clear bags, logs, plants, tree branches)
  • Construction & Demolition (Building materials, carpet, drywall, furniture, lumber, mattresses, plumbing, fencing)

A monitor will be onsite verifying Harris County residency.

Stay tuned for other drop-off sites!