CFPUD Trash/Recycling Transition – Recycle Carts

The transition to Texas Pride Disposal was communicated yesterday via an alert. Details are on the CFPUD Website: ( There are two revisions to the plan for swapping out the recycle carts.

WCA just informed us that they want to “make sure that residents leave WCA recycling carts out through Saturday.”

Texas Pride says that the delivery of their new carts was delayed, so they will be delivering them on Saturday (and Sunday if needed).

To recap: WCA’s last day of service is July 10. They plan to pick up their recycle carts no later than Saturday. Texas Pride will be delivering new recycle carts on Saturday July 11 (at the end of the driveway). Texas Pride will provide our customary backdoor service starting July 14.

We appreciate everyone’s patience during this transition.