CFPUD – Recycle Cart Swap

The transition to Texas Pride Disposal is well underway. Details for the transition and the new provider are on the CFPUD Website: (

The swapping out from WCA recycle carts to Texas Pride carts is underway, but not yet complete. Texas Pride delivered their new carts to many residents today, and will finish the distribution to the entire district tomorrow (Sunday, July 12).

WCA is still in the process of collecting all of their carts (WCA and Royal). They began the process on Friday, and as previously reported, they extended the process through today. Unfortunately, after collecting carts in only a portion of our District today, WCA informed us that they are not able finish the operation by this weekend as promised. They stated the remaining carts will be collected on Monday and have requested that our residents leave them out by the curb. Please comply with their request. There are some recycle carts that have not been brought down to the curb, so there is some extra time to do so. We will continue to diligently monitor WCA until they complete the task.

To recap: WCA’s last day of service was July 10. They plan to pick up the rest of their recycle carts on Monday. Texas Pride will complete the delivery of their new recycle carts on Sunday, July 12 (at the end of the driveway). Texas Pride will provide our customary backdoor service starting July 14.

We apologize for WCA’s delay in removing their carts, and look forward to Texas Pride Disposal taking over trash collection this Tuesday. We thank you for your patience during this transition.