CF PUD Trash Service Update June 8

WCA, CFPUD’s current trash contractor, sent several crews out on Sunday. However, they did not complete the entire area because they filled all of the trucks that they sent out. Consequently some areas had only the bins emptied (yard waste left behind), and some areas were not serviced at all. WCA informed us this morning that they will service our area tomorrow, but will only pickup household trash at the curb (no yard waste).

The PUD Board has taken emergency action to provide a “clean up the trash at the curb”” service this afternoon. Texas Pride Disposal will send out crews to service the areas that were not serviced yesterday. Texas Pride will be our contractor going forward after a contract is signed and a transition is completed. It usually takes months to make a transition, but they are responding on a few hours notice and have taken extraordinary action in order to help us with our current situation.

We thank Texas Pride Disposal and appreciate everyone’s patience