CF PUD Trash Service – Cleanup Run on June 10

WCA, CFPUD’s current trash contractor, serviced the district today, but only picked up household trash as they had promised (due to being shorthanded due to COVID-19 quarantines.) It appears that they missed a few areas completely, and obviously left behind yard waste, etc.

The PUD Board took emergency action on Monday and had Texas Pride Disposal complete a cleanup service. The district looks much better than it did on Sunday, but there are still some areas of concern. The PUD has arranged for Texas Pride to make another cleanup run on Wednesday, June 10. They will go through the entire district to pick up all trash that is at the curb. They plan to start at 7:00 am on Wednesday.

WCA indicates that they will service as scheduled this Friday, but service will again be limited to only curbside pickup of household trash.

We again thank Texas Pride Disposal for their help and appreciate everyone’s continued patience.