CF PUD Trash Collection – Limited Service on June 12

As communicated previously, CFPUD’s current trash contractor, WCA, is limiting service due to COVID-19 quarantines of many crew members.  Their service this Friday, June 12, will again be limited to only curbside pickup of household trash.  Yard waste will be picked up next Tuesday, June 16, as part of WCA’s regular service.

WCA indicates that they will be back to full service next week, with Tuesday and Friday backdoor service and Friday recycle pickup.

The PUD Board held a special meeting on June 10 to formally approve Texas Pride Disposal as the new trash hauler for the district. They have provided emergency service for us already, and will continue to do so if necessary.  They plan to be in position to provide full service for us no later than mid July.   As our new contractor they will then provide our customary backdoor service on Tuesday and Friday (with recycle on Friday).

We appreciate everyone’s continued patience with the recent limited service, and are enthusiastic to have our new provider, Texas Pride Disposal on board to service our district going forward.